Yazan Malkosh

With over 15 years of experience in the world of visualization, Yazan Malkosh currently leads the team at swatchbook in creating a cloud platform meant to revolutionize the exploration, visualization and sharing of materials. This one of a kind platform brings visualization to the design brands like no other tool in the market. Materials are a core aspect of any product out there. Whether it is fashion, apparel, furniture, consumer goods, cars – materials define its aesthetics, structure, feel & quality of the product. swatchbook brings focus on these materials and provides an unparalleled user experience in managing, developing and sourcing these materials both on a browser and mobile devices, putting the future of materials in the pocket of every user.

Yazan’s previous experience includes architecting product design tools & visualization for some of the worlds largest design brands in apparel, footwear, eyewear, products and the automotive industries including Adidas, Bose, Brooks, Coach, Mercedes, Honda, New Balance, Nike, Oakley, Tesla, Under Armour & Vans.