Dr. Geoffrey Alan Gray, DPT

Dr. Geoffrey Alan Gray is the founder of Heeluxe, Inc., a footwear testing company set on making better shoes for everyone in the world.  At Heeluxe, Geoffrey works directly with footwear brands to help them make better products.

He is also the brains and lead designer for Heeluxe’s innovative “on-body” testing equipment.

Years of working to rehab top professional and amateur athletes for foot and ankle injuries gave Geoffrey the insight to realize the lack of, and need for anatomically correct foot related products on the market.  Thus in 2009 he founded Heeluxe, and has been committed to designing and researching state-of-the-art foot and ankle solutions to help the general consumer and athlete alike deal with foot pain, optimize comfort, improve athletic performance. While consumers benefit from having excellent product, Heeluxe has helped footwear brands improve online review, reduce returns, and launch new technologies that went on to immensely successful product lines.

Heeluxe works with over 45 well known footwear companies such Adidas, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ugg, All Birds, The Walking Company, and The North Face to conduct research and study the effectiveness of footwear improving many features of footwear including cushioning, fit, stability, durability.  Geoffrey conducts this specialized research in a custom footwear lab in Santa Barbara, CA with an extensive collection of high tech testing equipment, including some pieces that do not exist anywhere else in the world. Heeluxe developed new testing systems that allow a study to be completed in 2 weeks or less and in 2017 their amazingly efficient lab finished 104 studies.

Geoffrey brings more than 15 years of experience in foot biomechanics and sports physical therapy to Heeluxe.  When not conducting research for some of the world’s most renowned footwear companies, he enjoys fixing up classic cars, breaking Guinness Book world records, running, biking or surfing. Dr. Gray has been named to Pacific Coast Business Times “40 Under 40” and won the Biz Clips small business competition. He has appeared on QVC and HSN, been featured in Shape Magazine and Runner’s World Your Best Stride, given lectures to top Universities, and has created YouTube videos with over 750,000 hits.