Andrey Golub

Reconnecting Design into the Supply Chains Utilizing 3D, AI and Cloud Technology

Here is the challenge: Consumers are not finding the design that they desire. Brands are not meeting the expectations of consumers and are producing in un-proportional volumes.

Through his past years working with brands and factories of all sizes, Andrey finds that this challenge is one that impacts the whole fashion system, not just any single company. Committed to overcoming this challenge, Andrey will demonstrate in FIS2020 on how new technologies can be used to connect the missing links between design, retail and manufacturing.


A former professor of digital retail strategy whom has a PhD in AI, Andrey will share insights and examples of:

- How the use of VirtualSampling can aid in meeting customers' design expectations.

- How AICloud systems can help estimate production volume to match market demand.

- Experience from his latest project of using AI and advanced robotics to build a fully automated factory.

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