Laura Novich

Challenging the Take-Make-Waste system of Footwear

Here is the Challenge: With apparel and footwear production directly contributing to over 8% of greenhouse gas emissions (Quantis) and generating roughly 16.9 million tons of waste in 2017 in the US alone (US EPA), how do we reduce these numbers? How do we stop seeing discarded footwear as trash and start seeing it as value?

Trained in environmental science with a masters in Sustainable Interior Design, Laura has worked as a Material Researcher at Material ConneXion and Project Manager at the NYC Center for Materials Reuse before joining Hyloh as a Sustainability Strategist. Through her years of experience, Laura ascertained that the industry is in need of equitable materials data and her focus is on using research methodologies to measure the impact of consumerism.

Laura will share insights at FIS 2020 on how quantifying material reuse can help enable businesses to better manage their product lifecycles and see the untapped value in materials. hyloh. is a network of material minds, dedicated to disrupting conventional models of making.

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