Juan Carlos Garcia

Democratizing Mass Customization with 3D Printing and Software

Here is the Challenge: Consumers wants personalized products, but brands' goal to achieve mass customization is still limited to expensive and time consuming solutions. 


Mass customization is important because it opens up an online DTC channel that can result in higher margins and profit for brands.

After successfully bringing new custom-fit 3D-printed products to market in the orthotics and prosthetic industry, Jonathan founded ShapeShift3D  to provide a software solution for custom-fitted products to be manufactured at mass production efficiency.

At FIS2020, Johnathan will demonstrate how Shapeshift3D's end-to-end software platform allows for a scan-fit-print manufacturing process, using template-based transformations to adapt any product to a costumer’s unique body size and shape. Through smart shape-topology recognition, Shapeshift3D can integrate an entire catalog of styles and models seamlessly and automatically- in hours instead of the months.

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