Stuart Ahlum

Reimagining Brand Ownership of Product End of Life to Tackle the Waste Problem within Retail

Here is the Challenge: According to World Footwear, 2.7 billions pairs of shoes have been produced in the US 2018. Yet, 70% of footwear & apparel waste ends up in landfill


The waste problem within the footwear industry is one that is familiar to us all and its severity has inspired both global brands and starts-up to take actions.

Having 5 years of experience running footwear start-ups and a deep understanding of the footwear supply chain, Stuart Ahlum co-founded Thousand Fell to tackle this challenge. The team’s aim is to champion transparency and the Circular Economy, pushing to lead a new wave of consumption. Thousand Fell is a direct-to-consumer brand launching biodegradable and recyclable sneakers designed for disassembly and every part can be recycled, biodegraded or up-cycled.


AT FIS 2020, Stuart will join one of our Sustainable Sourcing panels sharing his team's insights from developing their line of footwear, which includes leather-like substitute made from recycled water bottles, aloe vera mesh line and more.


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