Sam Payrovi

Reshaping the Future of Retail: 

Bringing Customizable and Made-to-Order Products to Market

Retail as a whole is facing a major challenge: How to Compete with E-commerce.

Specifically, the inventory model poses two major obstacles to physical retailers: capital risk and stockroom space.


Having spent 14 years in investment banking, Sam founded the Shop Consortium platform after realizing the challenges that custom brands were experiencing. Through working on his customized footwear brand Awl & Sundry and partnering with retailers, Sam realized that the demand for custom shoes are high and how problematic the inventory model is for shoe retailers.

With his experience running Consortium’s platform for customized fashion goods, Sam will share insights on how the Consortium platform empowers retailers to sell custom shoes and other goods without the need to purchase any inventory, enable them to bring these highly sought after custom brands to their customers and develop better relationships with them.

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