The Footwear Innovation Summit founded by FMNII brings together a community of global technology leaders and footwear experts to share insights on the integration of emerging technology for footwear creation, manufacturing and business processes. The key initiative of each Summit is to lead and inform about Digital Transformation and Sustainable Sourcing for the improvement of the footwear industry. The variety of speakers are global technology leaders and footwear brands. Together – the speakers engage in a thorough exploration of the challenges that are faced by the footwear industry and the future solutions that will help evolve the footwear industry with emerging technologies.

The Footwear Innovation Summit will be hosted in Hotel Indigo Los Angeles Downtown on April 25, 2019 and in Dongguan China on Jun 4-5, 2019.

Past Program Sessions
  • Biomechanics and Fit for Footwear

    Dr. Gray will breakdown the new technologies to show how these are helping create better, more comfortable shoes for brands big and small.

  • The Future of 3d Scanning for Footwear

    Chris Lane will share with us the various developing technology in 3D Scanning that will help shape the future of footwear designs.

  • Leveraging 3D, VR and AR to Promote Your Product and Brand Online

    3D has been around for years, and is now an important part of any design and manufacturing process. But until recently, the use of 3D was limited to professionals and internal workflows.

  • Measured Materials in a Digital Workflow using AxF

    Total Appearance Capture (TAC) Ecosystem from X-Rite Pantone is a revolutionary innovation that is reinventing the design process, including accurate capture and portrayal of both color and appearance of a wide variety of materials both simple and complex

  • The Future Factory and Smart Manufacturing

    As the founder of MIRAS3D and corporate consultant to Footwear brands, Natacha Alpert will give insights into the factory of the future.

  • Footwear Comfort and Health in the Age of Mass Customization

    Comfortable shoes dont just feel good – the health benefits go well beyond our feet and are significant not just in retail but also in medical and sports performance settings.

  • The Future is Custom

    Wiivv has developed a full technology stack, from mobile app to your front door. As leaders in functional customization of footwear, Shamil and Chris will share their philosophy, and why they believe the growth of functional customizatio..

  • Combining 3D Foot Scanning with AI in Footwear

    Volumental is the global leader in 3D foot scanning combined with AI-based footwear recommendations. Anna Ultvedt Malkan, Volumental’s VP Sales, has been both a key driver and observer in the industry’s expansion over the ...

  • Revolutionizing Footwear with Fitstation Powered by HP

    FitStation powered by HP combines 3D scanning technology with dynamic gait analysis to produce custom footwear based on the individuals unique biometrics—taking into consideration both desired fit and function.

  • Sustainable Innovation in Retail & E-Commerce

    Sustainable Innovation is the adoption of new processes and systems and crucial to the next steps of product development in the Footwear Industry.

  • 3d Design and Digital Creation

    Brendon Marczan will present how innovations like Modo and Colorway enables footwear brands like Adidas, Nike, and New Balance, to turn incredible ideas into reality.


FMNII is a footwear innovation platform promoting digital transformation and sustainable sourcing. FMNII is a membership-based platform, please contact James.Gau@fmnii.com for more details on how to become a member of FMNII.