2019 F.I.S Agenda

Host By
 Geoffrey Alan Gray (Heeluxe)

NASA Sensing and Robotic Exploration
Technologies and Transfer to New Industries
Pablo Sobron, NASA
Flexing Computational Design for Differentiation, Performance, and Automation
Gustavo Fontana, Fresco Design
Making the Transition from 2D to 3D with
Adobe Dimension & Substance
Ross McKegney, Adobe
The Tyranny of Tooling: Freeing the Footwear Industry
from Foam Production Limitations
Stuart Jenkins, White Hat Innovation
Kelp: Transforming the Fashion Ecosystem
Tessa Callaghan, AlgiKnit
Transforming the Industry Through Standardized Sustainability Measurement
Scott Miller, Sustainable Apparel Coalition
Innovative by Nature. TENCEL™ for Footwear
Birgit Schnetzlinger, Lenzing / Tencel
The Future of 3D Design, Simulation and Merchandising
Susan Olivier, Dassault Systèmes
Predictive Analytics: The Future of Footwear Testing
Geoffrey Alan Gray, Heeluxe
Panel Discussion - Sustainability Sourcing
Afternoon Sessions
Host By
Geoffrey Alan Gray (Heeluxe)
Shoes from Another World
Kostika Spaho, Ica & Kostika
Finding the “Golden” Swatch- How AI and Smart Tagging Help You to Find Your Perfect Material
Yazan Malkosh, Swatchbook
4D Scanning - Capturing and Analyzing Efficient
360-degree Foot Articulation Sequences
Christopher Lane, 3dMD
Challenges of choosing the Perfect
Foot Scanning Technology
Ales Jurca, Volumental
Immersive Reality - Next-Gen Ecosystem for Fashion
Mika Uehara, Oculus Launch Pad/ FiSF

Retail & E-commerce Opportunities in China

Emma Lee, Alibaba Group
Potential of using the FootFact Technology for eCommerce / Online-Shops in the shoe industry
Markus Piebrock, FootFact
Digitizing for Better Robotic Production
Tom Welsh, Revware
Upcycling Air and Water Emissions into More
Sustainable Materials for Footwear Applications
Ryan Hunt, Bloomfoam
Modern Digital Creation
Brendon Marczan, Foundry
Panel Discussion - Future Retail & Ecommerce
Alibaba… etc.