Footwear Innovation Summit in Dongguan 2022

The Footwear Innovation Summit brings the smartest ideas and entrepreneurial spirit of digital start-ups, material innovators, disruptors, and consultants together with brands, manufacturers, suppliers, seasoned experts and industry leaders.

InterContinental Dongguan

T4 Guo Mao Center, Dongguan,
Guangdong Province, China, 523000

The InterContinental Hotel in Dongguan will be the stage of FIS China 2022. The summit is a forum for sharing knowledge from 40+ Speakers spread across four conference halls, a space to discover the latest solutions across 30+ Exhibition Booths in our 17,337m2 venue and a networking hub for the 6,00+ professionals attending.

Expert speakers
Event space
Event Topics

4 conference halls with experts on the latest developments and breakthroughs on Digitization, Sustainability, Innovation, New retailing and more


Innovation is the foundation of FIS. Breakthrough Materials, Process, Compound and Machinery are the constant pursuit of brands and consumers. Appearance, function, performance and/or combination; efficiency, defect-elimination, fool-proof setup, user friendly designed...

Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainability is no longer a topic for discussion, but an action item on many brand’s agenda. To execute on their sustainability agenda, brands look to different factors to improve environmental and social impact.

Digital Transformation

The future of footwear is all things digital. From 3D renders to AR/VR customer experience, brands are always seeking for digital transformation strategies that can advance their product design, production efficiency, and customer satisfaction rate.

New Retail

Future retail is all about EXPERIENCE. How to provide consumers with a highly personalized, interactive, convenient, and satisfying retail experience by utilizing the power of new technologies and data science?

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