• “I had the great pleasure of attending the Footwear Innovation Summit in LA earlier this month, and first, I must say what you and the team at FMNII are doing to bring this industry to a high standard of innovation is nothing short of herculian.”

    Aaron Roubitchek, Founder

    Loafs Footwear (and Googler)

  • “Best of luck with the Shenzhen Summit. I told the Aldo teams both in Montreal and our Aldo Far East office how informative the LA summit was.”

    Regina Hofman, Senior Manager Product Engineering, Footwear Product
    Development & Design


  • “You did such a great job! It is now one of my favorite events of the year.”

    Mitch Harvey, 3D Innovation Manager

    Deckers Brands

  • “Thanks for putting on such a great event!”

    Chris Bellamy, Senior Engineer, Product Development and Manufacturing


  • “The event was very much well organized; every single point has a connection to the other.”

    Massimo Bettio, VP of Product Development and Production Footwear

    Tory Burch

  • “It was a pleasure to participate in the event.  The quality of the speakers and attendees was both quite impressive.”

    Susan Olivier, VP, WW Business Development, Consumer Goods & Retail Industry Solutions

    Dassault Systèmes



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