Ryan W. Hunt

My Mission:

It is my mission to improve the sustainability and life cycle impacts of consumer products using clean technology, starting with the footwear, foam and apparel industry. My team and I can help your company meet your sustainability initiatives by identifying where new technologies can be incorporated into your product lines.


My background:

I consider myself a Technologist, combining science and entrepreneurship for creating Eco-Innovations to make a difference in the world. I have always been passionate about science and technology and have been studying and researching physics and bioengineering for a wide variety of topics in material science, microbiology, horticulture, biophysics, and biochemistry. My research has been focused on algae-based wastewater treatment, bioelectromagnetics, biocomposites and photosynthetic optimization.

After graduation, I cofounded ALGIX, LLC in 2010 to commercialize the technologies we developed at UGA and in collaboration with Kimberly-Clark for algae-blended resins.

ALGIX built the first algae plastic compounding facility in Meridian, Mississippi in 2014. ALGIX partners with third party algae producers for diverse feedstock inventory and R&D. Algix is becoming one of the world’s largest producers of industrial microalgae and commercial algae based products, such as algae plastic resin, foams and filaments.

In 2015, ALGIX has expanded operations and product lines with a focus on BLOOM footwear components, including insoles, midsoles, and outer soles. BLOOM creates the most eco-innovative foamed products for use footwear, industrial foams, and furniture.

In 2017, we created Dongguan Bloom Trading (DBT) company in China managing dozens of conversion factories to support our global footwear initiatives for the leading footwear brand’s product launches using BLOOM Foams and GENESIS Hydrogen Peroxide based Antimicrobial Technology.