Stuart Jenkins

Stuart is the owner of White Hat Innovation a firm dedicated to innovating products and processes as well as advising and consulting with others who look to do the same.

Stuart’s business career spans more than 40 years and he holds more than a dozen patents. His  focus on footwear includes more than 10 startups and a corporate career.   In 2012 he became Senior Vice President of Innovation and Product Development for DECKERS, a $1.5 billion footwear company, which owns the brands UGG, TEVA, HOKA and Sanuk.

In 2016 Stuart became CEO of Shoes For Crews, a work/duty footwear brand.  As CEO, he oversaw the complete transformation (product, branding, marketing & sales) of one of the largest factory direct footwear brands in America in only 18 months.   Stuart has worked on a global scale leading corporate teams while working with entrepreneurs and suppliers from Europe, Central America and Asia.

Stuart’s first footwear venture started while still in High School through a relationship he developed with George Cole, a man who invented the first “air sole” for running shoes, before anyone had ever heard the term NIKE AIR or “air shoes” This air sole technology was later licensed to Reebok and sold over 20 million pair of shoes.

Stuart is an avid runner who won the St. Louis marathon in 1982. In 1983 at the Boston Marathon he qualified to run in the 1984 United States Olympic Marathon Trials by running a time of 2:19.00.  Stuart still runs constantly and has logged nearly 90,000 miles.

Stuart believes that success is fueled by innovation, hard work, long lasting relationships, a healthy disregard for failure and the confidence that you can make the future better than today.  Stuart is a frequent speaker at Innovation conferences around the country.