Christopher D. Burns, MFA

Chris may have one of the most diverse backgrounds in the sneaker industry which allows for him to talk with a depth of knowledge on multiple aspects of the business. While working as a tenure track Professor of English, Chris ran one of the largest basketball recruitment websites in the country, Center Court Basketball. He sent over 100 players to college on basketball scholarships via his website and camp system where he maintained the site, shot video and created profiles of participating players. He built a huge rolodex of college coaches allowing him to take his first shoe company Sho-Shot from zero to six figures. Sho-Shot outfitted 9 college teams with uniforms and Chris developed and sold 1200 pairs of basketball shoes for the brand. Sho-Shot was acquired in 2008.


While continuing to work as an educator, Chris launched his second footwear company ARCH in 2009. After designing, importing and handling all aspects of the company out of his own pocket. He ran a successful Kickstarter in 2014 before transitioning ARCH from a sneaker company to a media company that became the AHN (ARCH x Housakicks Network). Co-Founded with Tayib Salami (ARCH x Housakicks Network), AHN is a two man media company consisting of the websites and The network functions as in-depth news websites covering the athletic and footwear market as well as aspects of sneaker culture.


The experience in developing and maintaining websites for Center Court Basketball, ARCH and Housakicks and his publishing company CBP (, while launching sneaker brands was all supported by Chris’ e-Commerce experience as a third party sneaker store on eBay first and then on Chris’ Amazon store generated over 3 million dollars from 2011 to 2017. Chris was one of the only stores to maintain a perfect 4.9 star rating with over 600+ feedback reviews.


He launched a brand registry on Amazon after registering with the GS-1 to sell his ARCH sneakers on his Seller Central Marketplace. His work through Amazon afforded him an insight into sneaker retail that led to posts on AHN about Nike’s Direct to Consumer strategy. As one of the only websites in the world to discuss the strategy as it developed, while also seeing the shift in Amazon’s strategy in the sportswear market, and working with brick & mortar stores that were closing and being merged with larger retail chains, Chris began work on his last two books:


 The eBook: How Nike's CDO Shifted the Sneaker Retail Landscape & How Longform Content Can Move e-Commerce Forward written in 2018, led to the full length book: Nike's Consumer Direct Offense, Amazon & StockX: The Disruption of Sneaker Retail.


The full length book is a problem and solution discussion on how retail should be preparing to fight against brands as those brands shift to DTC. The book also features a yearlong experiment on selling via 3rd party platforms.


Christopher D. Burns joined the US Navy shortly after graduating high school.  After his enlistment was complete, Chris remained in San Diego and played college basketball at San Diego City College.  He received an AA in Psychology from Mesa College. Chris went on to attend San Diego State University where he earned a BA in English and a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing.  He currently lives in Memphis with his wife and two children.